The Fadrí

Get to know the Montgrí coast and the Medes Islands with the Fadrí. Enter the caves and enjoy the calm of the coves.

The Fadrí. This small boat offers us the opportunity to make routes and observe in detail the effects of the Costa Brava in a warm, personal atmosphere and in permanent contact with the crew.On board the Fadrí we can experience the calm offered by the coves of Calella, La Pedrosa and Cala Ferriol, which belong to the Montgrí natural park and, therefore, remain illuminated by the overcrowding and preserve the beauty of the virgin landscapes.

We will also cross the Roca Foradada, a natural tunnel heard by the sea and storms, a place where the reflection of light in the waters makes it one of the most beautiful and impressive places on the coast. Without a doubt, the most surprising moment of this route will be to enter the cave, another corner where the sea has created a natural refuge and that, thanks to the small sizes of the Fadrí, we will be able to enter and discover it until the end.

The Medes Islands

After the visit to the Cave we head towards the Medes Islands while we will remember everything we have seen. Sometimes it is possible to observe Luna fish, tuna and even run into a dolphin. The seven illos that make up the famous archpelég are a strictly protected nature reserve. So, after skirting them we will stop there to observe the bottom and enjoy the wealth they attest to.